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How to help this website:
I'm always searchin' for new covers scans, so if you got a game missing from this website and of course a scanner, just scan all part in high quality (at least 300 DPI) saved in JPG high quality or TIFF (I prefer this one...), and send at
rysley {AT} satakore.com. Your name will be added to contributors list.

Greetings to all past contributors (in alphabetical order):
Ahsonet, Alan Yau
, Alan S., Animearti, Animp3, Arthur, Bicho_o, Blitzkrieg, Blub69, BNYX, Bomb78, Celso, Ciscollo, CHAZumaru, CrazyGoon, Didi3R, DNguyen, Franz, Giovanni, Guide Saturn (website), Guile, Guts, Javi, JeanBono, Justin, Kenji, Lutz, Mandanga, Manjimaru, Mulder, Myersxxx, NDeleplace, Ninja-Kun, Nomad, oXydo CHRONOS, Pinkstone, Recapitulador, Roms, Satwebmaster33, Sega Cover Library (website RIP), Segata.World (website RIP), ShadowStitch, Shining Force Central (website), Stilnox, Tecnomaniac, Tendo847, Thunder, Tibo, tomatecannibal, Wicked2000, Wolverine59, Xavier, VBT, Yakumo and of course me ;)

If you should be on this list mail me...